MAF Translator Pro is a revolutionary advanced tuning device for all cars using a Mass Airflow Sensor.  For advanced applications, it is our flagship tuner with a Speed Density conversion, boost controlling, timing tuning and more.

MAF Translator GenII is our newest translator.  It has the ability to adjust fuel +/- 60% in 1/2% steps across 14 RPM bands in 3 different load areas as well as our "wideband tracking" technology.


Our Vehicle Specific MAF Translator is what started it all.  Allows for upgrading to larger GM MAF sensors and basic tuning.

Available for many vehicles.


MAF Translator GEN II
released!  This new universal translator is smoking hot!  Click here to get all the details!
Intro to Speed Density Page
added to explain what Speed Density is and the MAF Translator Pro approach to tuning.
FAQ Page
updated with a plain-English Q&A about what a MAF Translator is and what it can do for you.

We have posted a video showing a prototype MAF Translator Pro in Speed Density ("MAF-less") Conversion mode on our 1986 Buick T-Type:
Click here to view
Video showing MAFT Pro Sensor Monitor mode:
Click here to view
10-second video - 385kb
MAF Translator Pro and GenII interfaces with Innovate Wideband products!

Click here for Innovate products
Check out our videos of customers hauling ass and making sick power with a MAF Translator!
Need a scan tool?

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