MAF Translator Pro is a revolutionary advanced tuning device for all cars using a Mass Airflow Sensor.  For advanced applications, it is our flagship tuner with a Speed Density conversion, boost controlling, timing tuning and more.

This is the latest in tuning technology that puts more power and more options in the palm of your hand. Start up maps will available for download here to get you going.  Just find your car, check the options and download it into your MAFT Pro. Tuning was never this easy!  Have a favorite map?  We will give you the option of uploading it to our site so others can try it in their car! (We will not be responsible for maps produced by others, please check them completely before using them!)


Triple Threat Tuning:
Air/Fuel Computer mode: This mode works extremely well for tuning all types of vehicles and is used to modify the airflow signal to tune the vehicle. The airflow sensor signal from the MAF or MAP sensor are tuned via the Translator Pro's sophisticated 3D mapping algorithm allowing full tunability using the front panel keypad or Windows(TM) PC using the provided software. There are 12 rpm points and 3 different load tables, all adjustable in 1/2% increments. This means more precise tuning than competitive products!

MAF Translator Mode: Llets you replace a restrictive or failing MAF system with another style or size of sensor. We have built in calibrations for popular and highly accurate GM MAF sensors up to 85mm that will now work on any car originally equipped with a MAF sensor. Reducing MAF sensor restriction by upgrading the MAF dramatically improves turbo spool time and horsepower and sensor range.

Speed Density Mode: Is the ultimate in bolt-on tuning mods! The Translator Pro performs a true speed density calculation to determine engine airflow, allowing the user to remove the MAF sensor and use a GM 3 or our 5 bar MAP sensor. Allowing tuning by RPM and boost, the Translator Pro is pre-configured with base maps for most popular applications to get the user up and running quickly, just select the base map, injector size, and go!

Basic Adjustment Modes:
Here is a basic overview of some of the things you can do with the Translator Pro. There are many more adjustments and options not listed here yet, watch this site for future updates that will be added soon.

Mainscale: adjusts the entire range by the same %
V-Out1 set: Setpoint for V-Out1
V-Out2 set: Setpoint for V-Out2
Afterstart: Enrichment for the first few minutes of engine run time
Lo Load Pt: KPA for the Lo Load User tunes
Mid Load Pt: KPA for the Mid Load User tunes
Hi Load Pt: KPA for the Hi Load User tunes
  Boost Control:
TPS Spool - TPS voltage to enable boost system, during Spool solenoid is on 100%
RPM Spool - RPM to enable boost system, during Spool solenoid is on 100%
TPS Start - TPS voltage above which the system controls the boost psi
PSI Start - Boost psi where the system switches from spool (100%) to DC% start
DC% Start - Solenoid DutyCycle that is used once the boost exceeded the Start PSI
PSI Set - Desired boost
PSI Aux - desired boost when the Aux Trigger input is energized
Gain - the speed that the Dutycycle will be adjusted to maintain the desired boost.

  WOT AFR Tracking:
Min TPS - TPS above which the AFR tracking is enabled
Min RPM - RPM above which the AFR tracking is enabled
Min MAP - Manifold pressure above which AFR tracking is enabled
Lean Lim% - The maximum % that the system will lean out to maintain the desired A/F
Rich Lim% - The maximum % that the system will richen up to maintain the desired A/F
Gain - The speed that the system will try to maintain the desired A/F ratio
AFR 2000R ... AFR 8000R Desired A/F Ratio at each RPM from 2000 RPM to 8000

  Air Temp:
Air temp correction, setting is added to the regular system tune value. Note this adjustment is in addition to the Speed Density algorithm's temperature compensation. Additional adjustment can be required to adjust for atomization characteristics of injectors, or heat-soak conditions.

  Aux Triggered:
At each RPM point, the set tune percent is added to the system tune when the Aux Trigger input is energized. The desired AFR tracking value is modified as well so the AFR tracking will change by the Aux Trig setting.

  Tuning modes:
RPM Table Choices for Fuel and Spark tuning:
400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2200, 2800, 3400, 4000, 4600, 5200, 5800, 6400, 7000, 7600

Spark timing Low load (idle, cruise)
Spark timing High load (high load, WOT)
Spark timing only available for certain application and additional software may be needed

Fuel Tune Low (idle)
Fuel Tune Mid (cruise)
Fuel Tune High (WOT)
Adjustable + or - 64% in ½% steps according to RPM table in each load point

Boost control with base boost gain TPS threshold and RPM point setting for total boost control in turbo applications. Needs new GM boost solenoid

User tune values, load points are determined in the Setup page.  These settings are blended between RPM and load points and added to the System Scale, Air Temp, and Aux Trigger settings.

  Tune Response:
TPS1 - Amount of enrichment that occurs on a throttle transition ("tip-in").
TPS2 - Rate that the TPS enrichment is applied and removed.
TPS3 - not used
TPS4 - not used
MAP1 - Amount of enrichment that occurs on a positive MAP sensor change ("tip-in").
MAP2 - Rate that the MAP enrichment is applied and removed

  Sensor Monitor & Datalogger:
The Sensor monitor page is used to view various sensor and signal values.   Each button toggles one of the 4 viewed valuse through the following list.

RPM - Engine RPM
MP - Manifold presure (KPA)
DC - Density Compensation (Speed Density Airtemp correction factor)
AFL - AirFlow, Speed Density calculated Grams/Sec
AFI - Airflow Input, If a MAF is connected.
VE - Volumetric Efficiency, from the Speed Density algorithm
FI - Frequency input value
FO - Frequency output value
UT - User Tune. Combined System Scale, AF Tune, Airtemp, and Triggered adjustments
TPS - TPS sensor value
BD - Boost Dutycycle
MT - Manifold Temperature
O2 - Voltage reading on O2 sensor input
FE - Flow Error. If a MAF is conected, this is the % dif, MAF and Speed Density
ASC - Afterstart correction
AFR - A/F Ratio, if a wideband is connected.
CF - Wideband tracking Correction Factor
TAF - Target A/F Ratio
Click here to view an introduction to Speed Density and and the MAF Translator Pro approach to tuning
MAF Translator Pro has 3 tuning modes:
- Air/Fuel Computer Mode
- Translator Mode
- Speed Density Conversion
MAF Translator Pro and GenII interfaces with Innovate Wideband products!

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MAF Translator Pro interfaces with Windows!
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